Cigarettes & Clip-Art - Hole Sections

Cigarettes & Clip-Art - Hole Sections

The crudely-drawn floating head returns as a vengeant stormcloud, curling forth with great malignance to swallow your pathetic unsuspecting city.  Noisy synths rumble and bounce across jagged beats, the occasional slice of guitar flashing briefly in the night sky.  Five chunks of unusual barometric pressure which will make you unsure whether to dance, headbang, or throw yourself on the floor and hallucinate.  We suggest all three, simultaneously if possible.  You may need to use gaffer’s tape to keep those headphones on.  Goodnight, Mr. Moon!


  1. Section A (3:08)
  2. Section C (6:44)
  3. Section B (4:58)
  4. Section D (1:39)
  5. 23rd Orifice (Hole) (24:13)

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Tuesday, May 5th, 2009 Audio Releases