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Skrow048: Xoc - Seibabretsen: Alptraum Kinderleider

Xoc - Seibabretsen: Alptraum Kinderleider

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This was due out on the more appropriate darkly connotative Ides of March, but things happen that are beyond our control, as Macbeth himself would attest, were his head still attached to his neck and whatnot.

In any event, this would technically be the Skrow! debut of one Jason Cox under his most infamous internet pseudonym, though he’s graced our catalogue several times before as the most excellent clinical noisician Hemostat.

Seibabretsen: Alptraum Kinderleider consists of three epic chunks of psychedelic outsider barbershop fuckery which manage to be engagingly creepy and hilarious at the same time. These tracks are actually medleys of the original recording sessions for Xoc’s Nesterbabies project, which is described quite aptly by the following process: 1. Nintendo song slowed and backward; 2. Nesterbabies sing along; 3. Nesterbabies’ vocals sped up and flipped turned upside down.

Minutes of entertainment!

This release, in the absence of step 3 as mentioned above, has the added bonus of revealing to the perceptive listener the secret lyrics found within the finished Nesterbabies versions. Which, frankly, make this release all the better to blast in one’s car in order to confuse, frighten or otherwise disturb one’s fellow motorists. We get into that kinda thing here. And so should we all. Now go forth and enjoy. And stuff.


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